Your Low Stress, Start To Finish Digital Course Launch (In 5 Streamlined Steps 🙌)

How to Build and Launch a Profitable Digital Course Without a Big Team, Big Budget, or The Constant Overwhelm of 


“What Do I Do Next?”

Save Your Seat

with 2023 new york times bestselling author of two weeks notice, amy porterfield

Save Your Seat

You and the other 50,000 students I work with

I see the potential in a digital course…
I just have no idea where to start!

What if the tech is over my head? 😵‍💫

What if there are hidden costs? 💰

How do I even begin to market my course? 📲

I’m just one person, I can’t possibly do it all! 😰

I’m just straight up afraid to be seen online. 🙈 There, I said it!
If that thought rings in your mind, none of the following have to stand between you and a life of digital business bliss. 👇

In this LIVE Masterclass Experience, I’ll show you what’s *actually* necessary to create, market, and sell your digital course.




With as little stress as possible.

and more.

Free to attend!

In this
LIVE Masterclass Experience, I’ll
show you what’s *actually* necessary to create, market, and sell your digital course.

I’ll give you a start-to-finish overview of what it takes to get a course created and into the hands of students who need it.

Making it a full-fledged, business-supporting money-maker! 💸

Taught by the most established Course Creator Online

In This Masterclass, You’ll Learn:


Confidently decide what you’ll teach, how you’ll teach it, what to charge, and then ensure it’s a blockbuster sellout before writing a single lesson. ✅ 

Where (And How) To Start 🏁


Not too much content… not too little… and how to use AI as your content assistant (meaning less tasks on your plate 🙌)

Your 5-Step, 5-Star ⭐ Course Outline


No team or tech budget? No prob. I’ll map out a marketing plan that prioritizes simplicity as much as it does sales. (And I really prioritize sales around here. 💸)

Course Marketing 101 🍎


The high-converting elements of a live course launch and how real life solopreneurs pull it off without tons of help (or headache) 👤

Your Low Stress Course Launch 🚀

Save Your Seat


Once you have a digital course, you have something you can sell over and over again to a growing audience with growing return. I’ll lay it all out so your 6 month… 1 year… and 5 year growth plan is crystal clear (and pretty darn 🤩😱🤑😌.)

Rinse, Repeat 🧼

Save Your Seat

Because Here’s What CAN’T Keep Happening… 

Constant Money Worries

The Inability To
Execute Vision

“Time Off” That Isn’t
Really Time Off

Hustling for a paycheck, hunting down clients, missing out on fun, worrying about the future.

Even if you know what you want to create, there are TOO many decisions and tasks to know where to start.

Putting in ridiculous hours, living with a French-fried brain, being half-present at work AND at home, missing out on the very best parts of life.

Imagine This Instead...

Your earnings are uncapped 💵

You have freedom and flexibility 🏖️

You feel confident, capable, and inspired every. damn. day. 🔥

Your course reaches more people and diversifies your revenue streams.

Stability in your bank account means you have the time AND the resources to DREAM BIG and enjoy things that used to only happen to other people. 

You have the flexibility to hit the beach on a Friday or pilates on a Tuesday at 3 pm. You show up for the people you love without guilt.

You have a peaceful heart because YOU. ARE. THERE. not working late. 

Your family hasn’t seen this side of you in a looong time. You’re on fire, your creative juices are flowing, and you finally feel a sense of purpose in your day-to-day work.

You say no when you want to and “YES” when your soul is saying “HELL YES.”

You’re a card-carrying member of the “I love Mondays” club. 

ONE Digital Course.

What it takes to create and sell one?

Save Your Seat

The common denominator here? ☝️

I’ll give it to you in
5 efficient steps. 🖐️

Save Your Seat

By 2026, there is expected to be $457.8 billion up for grabs in the digital course industry.

(And nearly double that amount by 2030. 🤯)

According to Global Industry Analysts…

Save Your Seat

You haven’t missed the bus.

You’re not too late.

Digital courses aren’t outdated, passé, or slowing down.

Not even close.

The best days of digital course businesses are still ahead of us and the industry analysts tell us your effort will not be in vain.

Which is what we need to hear as business owners, right?

Take the guided path forward and save your seat.

Save Your Seat

By 2026, there is expected to be 
$457.8 billion up for grabs in the digital course industry.

PLUS! A FREE Gift Just For Showing Up LIVE

Whether you have an audience you want to prime for your eventual course launch…

Or you’re starting from zero with no audience to speak of…

Fill-in-the-Blank Templates for Sharing Your Course-Focused Lead Magnet on Email, Social, Web And More

Your Course-Ready Audience Tool Kit

The Course-Ready Audience Tool Kit includes professional, customizable templates for social media, Facebook ads, Instagram Stories, website pop-ups, email, and podcast or on-stage promotion to help you share your lead magnet professionally and effectively.

PLUS, I included examples so you can see how these templates have been used in real life in all types of industries and business models.

This bonus will help you attract and add future buyers to your email list.

Save Your Seat

Save Your Seat

Got questions? I’ve got answers 👇

Is this Masterclass actually live?

It sure is! There are multiple times to choose from, just click here and select the date and time that works best for your schedule.

I’m not sure this is really for me, can you explain who this Masterclass is for? 

Of course! This is for you if you’re an existing business owner or hot on the heels of becoming one and looking to leverage your expertise and share what you know with more of the people who need it. 

What happens if I can’t make it live? 

We’ve got you covered and will send you a limited-time replay after the live Masterclass ends! But full disclosure: you’ll miss some of the good stuff and the only way to get Your Course-Ready Audience Tool Kit is to show up live. If you can find a time that works for you or move things around, that’s your best chance at gleaning all the goods I have in store for you!

Whether you’re a hairstylist, ad strategist, botanist, dog groomer, ballet dancer, accountant, wine savante, or anything in between, you can create a profitable digital course and this Masterclass will show you how.

Will there be a chance to ask questions during the Masterclass?

Heck yes! I always do a dedicated Q&A session at the end of each Masterclass so show up, ask your heart out, and get ready to learn. 

Is this really free?! 

100%! If you stick around ‘til the end, I’ll share details about joining my Digital Course Academy program, which is a paid course – but I’ll cover a wealth of free information to get you started WAY before we get there. Even if you don’t join me in Digital Course Academy, this free Masterclass will be actionable, full of strategy you can implement ASAP, and in my humble opinion, WELL worth your time.

I already have a digital course, will I learn anything new here? 

If you already have a profitable digital course that you feel is perfect as is, that’s great and you might not need this Masterclass! On the other hand, if you’re the type of person who’s always learning and looking to improve then I promise after 14 years, 8 digital courses, and $85 million in revenue over – most of which was from digital course sales alone, I can probably teach you a thing or two 😉

I created my first digital course as a one-woman show… and it earned $267. WOMP WOMP. 👎

I learned some big lessons, went back to the drawing board, and launched again (still a one-woman show) and earned $30,000.

14 years, $85 million, and 50,000 students later, I know exactly what I did (or more importantly, didn’t do) in that early launch that made the difference between falling on my face… and earning 5-figures in a few days.

You DON’T need a team, deep pockets, a cult following, or complicated software to do this.

And I’ll spell out exactly what those are inside this LIVE Masterclass, so you can turn what currently feels like the online business equivalent of hiking Mount Everest in flip flops...

... Into a well-mapped out hike with 5 trail markers, stops, snacks, and a buddy to accompany you to the peak.

Because once you have a launch under your belt, you’ll never wonder how you’ll make money in your business again. 

And that’s worth the climb, if you ask me. 


A note from Amy...

But you do need SOME things.

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